This course offers a survey of the history of astrology, primarily in the West. Students will:

·         Examine how astrology originated in various cultures and what questions it sought to address
·         See how astrology became embedded in mainstream culture in these societies
·         Study the lineages in which different astrological theories developed
·         Examine the relationship between the history of science and religion, philosophy and mythology
·         Examine the changes in cosmology throughout history and how these changes affected society's attitudes.
·         Critique the intellectual shifts in religion and philosophy that led to the modern scientific and secular worldview, and the rejection of intuitive ways of knowing
·         Explore how changes in 20th century philosophy and science affected the arts and sciences, and how 21st century research is moving toward a more inclusive world view.

By the end of this course, students will have a greater appreciation of the role astrology has played in the development of modern science and its interaction with religion, philosophy and the arts.