Begins after the New Year

Instructor: Charles Obert

The traditional astrology tool of dignity and debility, with the system of five essential dignities, can be a powerful and nuanced way to add detail to chart interpretation. It has been pretty much lost in modern astrology. Even in traditional sources much of the system has been lost,  and the goal of this class is to reclaim more of the power and subtlety of this tool.

This class will explore the full traditional system of essential dignity and debility, and how it can be a powerful tool in modern chart interpretation.

By the end of this course, students will have learned the basics of astrological symbolism and be on their way to successfully synthesizing that knowledge to interpret a chart.

Students will gain a solid understanding of the core meanings for the planets, signs, houses, dispositor patterns, hemisphere and quadrant emphasis, chart patterns. The meaning of the signs is stripped to its core in order to understand how and where astrologers have inserted additional concepts. This enables students to evaluate whether or not they agree with these additions.

To help understand how the planets interact within the natal chart, students will also learn about and practice interpretation of the major aspects and the basics of essential dignities and debilities.

This course covers • essential dignity • profections • Planetary speed, oriental, occidental • Derivative houses • Introduction to planetary cycles • Comparing approaches to delineation • Client issues & ethics (personal filters, attitudes and belief s) • combining Sun, Moon, Ascendant • basic delineation schemes

The lab provides dedicated hands-on practice.