E520B Calling and the Soul's Transformations

Instructors; Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg (6-week course)

Is there a connection between our soul, the larger universe, and our calling in life? Can astrology help us with these questions?

In this course, we will look at the connection between the Soul and the World. We begin in the Renaissance with an investigation of how soul is also universal. Thus we are part of and within the universe’s grand plan – this is soul as Calling.  What is the intersection of individual and universal soul?  We can call it magic.

There can be times when it feels as if we are just leading a self-absorbed pointless life within an indifferent world. Times where we feel a need to find something that gives our life meaning, but cannot quite touch or understand what that might be.

Weekly topics include:

  • The soul’s calling and our responses; the soul’s journeys through the heavens
  • Individual Soul and the World Soul; the depths of alientation and the heights of union with the All
  • Astrological Magical Practice and the development of soul
  • James Hillman and the modern soul and world

Spiritual leaders, philosophers, psychologists and yes, astrologers have pondered questions of what makes our life meaningful. A common thread in many of their writings is that our sense of meaning is intimately connected with ideas about soul and its connection to the universe. One important notion that has survived into modern times is that of vocation or calling as the intention of the universe for the individual.

The required book is: 
Cousineau, Phil, Soul: An Archeology. (1994) Harper/San Francisco

  This book has a large number of excerpts from works from ancient through modern times that all relate to different perspectives on soul. Many of these excerpts will be on the reading lists for all three of these short courses on soul (E520A, E520B, E520C).

The soul’s crises and cultivations are one of the reasons we work with astrology. And this concern for the soul has been part of astrology throughout its history. E520 is a three-part program that is the most comprehensive treatment of soul and astrology offered anywhere. It traces the connections between our ideas about soul in philosophy, religion and astrology, through Western and Eastern history and practice. It will introduce you to a range of perspectives and applications that can aid in living a good life and help sustain the spirit through life's transitions.

Course meets for 6 Weeks on Thursdays, beginning at 5:30 pm Pacific Time
 No prerequisites, just an interest in astrology and exploring your own and other's deep philosophical and spiritual questions about soul